There are hundreds of types of businesses that you can start in Musanze District. In this blog, we shall briefly analyse 10 business ideas that you can start in Musanze.

As previously written in this blog “Visit Musanze, one of the fastest growing cities and the capital of tourism in Rwanda”, Musanze is a thriving district with many opportunities for its inhabitants.

It is estimated that as of September 2021 (Source: National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda), the population of Musanze district is 406,000. 112,000 of these people live in urban regions while 253,000 live in rural areas. With a total area of 530.4 sq. km, Musanze is big enough to accommodate any business you can imagine. With rising purchasing power within the district and beyond, it’s possible to start a business and grow it easily.

Here are 10 business ideas you can implement/start in Musanze District:

List a Property on Airbnb

Airbnb is an online platform which helps homeowners to make money by finding people who pay to stay in their homes. Most of these people are looking for convenient places to stay other than hotels. If your home meets the standards of Airbnb, feel free to list it. 

With more than 35,000 tourists who visit Musanze every year, it should be easy for you to get at least 2 tenants every week. In case you don’t own a home yet, think about renting one and equipping it with all desired amenities and you are good to go!

In order to maximise profit on your Airbnb listing in Musanze, remember to put your best listing forward and ask your guests to always leave reviews because these are crucial. Since 99% of your guests will be tourists, think about tailoring all amenities to their taste. For example, include Rwandan artwork in your decor, quality antique furnishings, and so on. Remember to be unique.

If your listing earns you good money, think about renting even more. Remember to always put a good price on your listing.

Start a Youtube Channel and Vlog about Tourism

You can start a youtube blog and focus on the niche of tourism and traveling to Musanze or the best things to find in Musanze, good hotels in Musanze and other topics related to Musanze. You will be earning money by being paid by Youtube Adsense. Remember that you will start earning once you hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours on your channel.

Lake inside Bisoke Volcano crater, Virunga Volcano National Park, Rwanda.

Ecommerce – General Products Supply (products from Kigali to Musanze)

There are so many products which might be missing in Musanze and can be sourced from Kigali easily. These products include: computer accessories, electronic accessories, phone accessories, small home appliances, electrical accessories and so on.

The E-commerce aspect would be selling these products online, this can be either on your own website, facebook page, instagram page, or even from your whatsapp business catalog.

It all comes to one thing: availing missing products to those who need them and making money from it! Think about sourcing unique products that other shops don’t have in Musanze.

Electronics can be sold in Musanze

Ecommerce food products supply from Musanze to Kigali

There are so many food products available in Musanze but missing in Kigali. Think about availing these products to Kigali residents while still fresh and at an affordable price.

The ecommerce aspect of it would be getting orders online (your own website, app, facebook, instagram or whatsapp) and then delivering what your customers need.

You can sell fruits, vegetables, cereals and more food products in Kigali from Musanze district

Transport and Logistics

For transport and logistics, it can be very wide: from dedicated transport services rendered to tourists, to public transport as well as school transport. In this case, I researched transport services offered to kids in private/public school. You see, the idea here is to solve the problem of lack of personalised and comfortable mode of transport.

Charge parents a small fee for example 300 FRW per day or per Trip and hire a taxi and drop the kids at school and at home (it can carry for example 4kids at the same time and do your numbers). You can be left with a good amount of profit since you can factor in short distances and you don’t need to buy a vehicle to get started.

Whether the school has a bus/van or not, it does not matter, everyone can make their choices.

Home Tutoring – Kindergarten, Primary

You can offer home tutoring service for children at home. Many parents do not have enough time to help their kids do revision of what they have learnt at school. This is where you come in, you solve the problem and provide the solution. You can include English lessons as an add-on. You can sign up many kids and teach them in their free time for example during weekends or in the evening during weekdays. Regarding payment, you can charge per hour and it will be easier for you.

Home tutoring is one of the solutions you can offer

Home milk supply

Think about starting a business of supplying/delivering fresh milk to residents in Musanze. People drink milk and tea everyday and being sure that milk will be delivered to your customers on time would be great. You can even charge them a monthly subscription at a discounted rate as opposed to buying everyday.

Souvenirs shop – Arts & Crafts and More

With more than 35,000 tourists visiting this district, it is easy to open a souvenirs shop and sell art crafts such as baskets, statues and more.

To make it easier for visiting tourists, why not set up a website/blog to help them find you online? Or even a facebook or instagram page will be enough. The goal here is to help tourists get memorable souvenirs that will remind them of their trip to Rwanda.

Motorbikes Spare Parts Shop

There are thousands of motorbikes in Musanze district. Opening a shop to retail spare parts can be a good idea. You can get the parts in Kigali and sell them in Musanze.

Since many shops might be selling these parts already, think about looking for unique products and work on the price – this will help you penetrate the market.

Processing of Potato Crisps

It is estimated that Musanze district produces 24 tons of irish potatoes per hectare in this district. Adding value to this crop can be achieved in many ways and making crisps is one of them. The idea behind this business is to offer quality and long lasting crisps with different types of flavours for example garlic flavoured, chili flavoured, tomato flavoured, and so on.

The target market can be Musanze district or even Kigali. They can be sold basically anywhere in Rwanda.

You can learn how to make potato crisps from youtube, they have plenty of educational videos about this.


Do you have any questions/suggestions? Leave a comment in the section below and we shall reply to your question. 

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